Getting Into The Fashion Design Studio

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While there are many creative designers in the world, there are even more wanting to work in a fashion design studio. The one huge dream for many is to build their own fashion design studio and make a name for themselves. The best way to get your designs into the fashion industry is by working your way up from the bottom of one fashion design studio and continuing to move up along your career through different studios. But the question that all beginners ask is “How do I get into my first studio job?”

How To Get Into A Studio

One of the first things any young designer will want to do is get themselves a degree from a fashion design college. Working at a fashion design studio requires a degree of some kind in fashion design. This will show that you have at least done the book work. By the time you are about to leave your studies you should already have an idea of what kind of fashion design studio you want to work for and where they are. Along the way, especially during your last year in school, you should get yourself into an internship at any fashion design studio that offers one.

The Internship

Internships in the fashion industry are like any other type of internship in any other type of career. You will be the one who is at the fashion design studio to learn; this will mean cutting the fabric, getting the mail, cleaning up, assisting the designers and any other tasks assigned to interns. The goal here is to get to know the workings inside a fashion design studio. Here is where you find out if you are indeed ready to work in the fast paced industry of fashion design.

The First Job

Once you have received your diploma, and had a run through the internship of a fashion design studio, you might get lucky and be offered a starting position within the fashion design studio you are at. If not, don’t worry, any other fashion design studio will like the fact that you took the time to see what goes on inside the walls of a fashion design studio. This is where any recommendations or references from the internship come in handy. Once you land your first paid job at your first fashion design studio, it is much easier to get a step in at another fashion design studio later on.

Fashion Design Software Basics

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In the days past fashion designers had to manually draw, create, sew, and engineer multiple examples of a certain finished product in order to make the design work for the potential buyers. In today’s world, all of these things, once the mundane parts of the fashion designers world, are now handled by fashion design software.

What Is Fashion Design Software?

Fashion design software is computer aided design, or CAD, software. Other industries which have been using CAD software for decades are Architects and Engineers. A good piece of fashion design software can help create professional looking designs. This type of software comes in various applications. The many uses of this software include designing fabrics, garments and fashion accessories; you can also do digitizing, pattern engineering, grading, marking, 3D imaging and other applications. With fashion changing constantly, fashion designers find that software is adding new features and improved versions of software each year.

What Can Fashion Design Software Do?

While fashion design software will not take the place of good ideas or creativity, it can greatly assist and speed up the process thereby allowing more work to be done. The best varieties of fashion design software allow the user to play around with colors, cuts, and fabrics on the computer. This saves the designer from having to purchase all the material for a design only to later discover it doesn’t work. Fashion design software also allows more creativity in experimenting with different combinations without spending too much in time, energy, and money.

The Use Of Software In The Fashion Design Studio.

Fashion design software is a great tool for the studio in that it allows designers to not only create 2D and 3D renderings of ideas, but also allows them to print, upload, and share the design progress with others via email. Some fashion design software allows the designer to try different colors and cuts; this type of software usually has a database with fabrics, textures, patterns, and prints available. Smaller studios which are collaborating with others can share their work quickly and efficiently thereby giving them the ability to make quick changes to any designs.

While there are many varieties of fashion design software, there are also many manufacturers of fashion design software. The designer or studio will have to create a list of what they want from the software and then find suitable vendors and tools. Most makers of fashion design software can be found on the internet. The amount you can spend for this software will more than pay for itself over a year’s time and work.

Picking And Getting Into A Fashion Design School

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As with most any career, fashion design requires training and a degree to show that you have the basic knowledge to work in the field you have chosen. In order to do this you will need to attend a fashion design school. A fashion design school is simply an art school for people who create with fabrics.

Picking A Fashion Design School

Once you have realized that fashion design is the career you want to follow, how do you go about finding the education you need? Picking a fashion design school is no less of a choice than someone picking out a school for engineering or a business degree. You need to put in the time and effort to research the various fashion design school offerings and reputations. Finding the best fashion design school for you is the ultimate goal.

When you are looking into different schools, you, like everyone else wishing to further their education, must take into consideration the reputation of the fashion design school, its cost, size and what the school offers. As with any search for a school you will need to do the following:
Decide what area of the fashion design field you want to work in; then find schools that specialize in that field.
Make a list of items to look for such as cost, location, programs, degree level, and placement.
Put together a list of schools for consideration; then find out everything possible about each of these schools
Apply to the schools you have chosen, along with any grants or scholarship programs you have found.
Visit the schools if possible to get a feel of the school and its teachers.
After receiving responses from applications, start the elimination process to narrow down the field, arriving at your final choice of fashion design school.

Getting Into Fashion Design School

Getting into a fashion design school takes about as much work as getting into any school of higher learning and specialty. You need to show the admissions people that you at least know the basics and have an idea about the field you intend to work in is about.

Drawing – you will need to have the ability to sketch out your ideas and concepts before ever getting to the finished product. Your portfolio will show your drawings and your ability to flesh out your ideas. Any fashion design school will want to see a copy of your best work.
Sewing – you need to show the school samples of completed work (clothes you made yourself). This means that you must learn sewing.
Mentors and references – while you do not need big name designers for references, it does help your case to have names of fashion designers that you have worked with or under before you get to the school. This tells the admissions people that you know what the life of a designer is like.
Grades – unfortunately, fashion design school is like any other school. If you don’t have the grades at an acceptable level, no amount of creativity or ability to sew and draw can help you.

When you finally get to the fashion design school of your choice you will find that you learn many things. Yes, you will learn the fundamentals of fashion design, but there are new tools and ideas that have come into the fashion design world. Such things as marketing and fashion design software are among them.

Breaking Into Fashion Design

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Most people like clothes. There are many who can pick out an outfit in under five minutes. And there are a few who can take different pieces and fabric, toss them together and come up with something completely new and unique. These are the people who gravitate to the world of fashion design. Fashion design is an interesting, for the very creative, rewarding career to get into. But what does it take to be a designer?

Fashion Design Basics

Some of the basic elements of fashion design are simple things that can not be passed over for any designer to make a living in this type of business.
Know how to sew – this is one requirement that simply can not be overlooked by anyone in fashion design. Every creation must come to life in order to get sold. This means that the designer must have the ability to construct their design.
Be creative – anyone in fashion design can tell you of others who would be better off as garment workers rather than designers simply because they had no creativity. This means you must have the ability to take any fabric and picture in your mind how it can be put together with any other material you have available.
Common sense – there are ideas that simply can not be made into reality. Fashion designers need to know how to construct their vision so that it functions in the real world.

How To Break In

You have the drive, and the knowledge to be in fashion design; but how do you break into the business? How do you make a career in fashion design for yourself? If you have spent countless hours looking through the magazines, and have notebooks full of drawings, the next step would be to find a fashion design school. Here you would learn all the basics of the fashion design industry. You can either attend a fashion design school in person or find one online and study at home. In either case you will learn how to make the most out of your basic talent and creativity.

While in school try to set up internships and gather up a portfolio of your work. This will help you get into your first job. Fashion design, like any other business requires that you start at the bottom. You will probably become part of a team, or an apprentice or assistant to another fashion designer. This is where you learn as much about the business as possible. After getting the initial ‘foot in the door’, making the most of your fashion design career will be up to how much passion and effort you are willing to put into it.

Hip Hop Fashion Trends: Then and Now

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Hip hop fashion trends are not a newcomer to the fashion scene by any means. In fact, this style has been around since the 1980’s, when celebrities like Will Smith and Christopher “Kid” Reid showed youth how it should be done. Of course, hip hop fashion trends have evolved over the past two decades as tastes and styles have changed to correspond with the culture of the time. The following will offer you a brief but colorful history into the world of hip hop, with some of the current fashion design today.

Early Hip Hop
In the 1980’s, major brand names became synonymous with the hip hop fashion trends. Brands like Nike, Adidas and Clark shoes were sported with leather bomber jackets and brightly-colored track suits. Sports jerseys were a hot commodity, with Will Smith showing them off in his hit television show, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire. This was the time when heavy gold jewelry and large sunglasses came into play, creating an image of wealth and luxury in the hip hop culture of this time. In the latter part of this decade, MC Hammer and other rappers introduced hip hop fashion trends like baggy pants and baseball caps.

The Gangsta Look
In the 1900’s, hip hop fashion trends shifted to the gangsta look in the fashion of the Los Angeles Chicano gangsters. This style sported baggy pants that were worn low and without a belt, shirt tails hanging outside the pants and bandanas on the head. In the midst of this fashion trend, designers were also providing something that the youth of this time liked, and brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Polo and Nautica also came into vogue. At this time, hip hop fashion trends evolved into urban streetwear, with names like Mecca USA, Lugz and Rocawear coming into play.

Flash and Bling
The turn of the century saw hip hop fashion trends switch to flashy ensembles and bling bling jewelry, made popular by the likes of Jay-Z and The Hot Boys. High end designers like Gucci came onto the hip hop scene during this time as well. Today, the hip hop look has toned down somewhat, with hip hop fashion trends that are more tailored and professional – preppie hip hop, if you will. However, since the hip hop fashion trends are primarily embraced by youth, this style will always be cutting edge and separate from the fashion mainstream. After more than two decades on the fashion scene, it appears that this trend is more than just a trend – it is a fashion icon that is here to stay.

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