How to Get a Fashion Design Career

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Are you interested in getting a fashion design career? It is really no surprise, because a fashion design career, particularly in high fashion, can be more than just incredibly lucrative. A career in fashion can also be incredibly fun, enjoyable and satisfying, if you are a creative person and want to get into the industry.

What’s even more, is that you will be the envy of all your friends because you will be the one who is on the cutting edge, who is aware of all the fashions before they even become popular, so your friends will all be turning to you when they want to get fashion advice.

Getting Started

If you want to get a fashion design career, there are a few steps that you are going to want to follow if you want to have the most success. The first thing is to learn about the different options that you have. This is important because, as you are probably not aware, there are tons of different options when it comes to fashion design careers.

Choose a Field

It is going to be really important that you choose the right field for a fashion design career, one that is going to best suit your needs. For instance if you enjoy photography maybe you will want to be a fashion photographer. This field alone would offer a variety of opportunities. For instance you could be one of the photographers that stands at the end of the runway and snaps pictures of models as they are strutting their stuff.

Or maybe you enjoy traveling and would like to be one of the Sports Illustrated or Victoria’s Secret fashion photographers.

Maybe you are more into writing, and then again the options are plentiful. You could be a fashion journalist who writes in a paper, or maybe you would prefer a fashion design career as a fashion novelist.

It is important that you really take your time here so that you can consider all the different options presented to you and ensure that you are going with the right one. After all, you want to find a career that is not only going to be financially rewarding, but which is going to offer you the way to express your creativity that you are looking for, an outlet that you are going to love and not going to grow bored of.

In fact, money should really be one of the last things on your mind, because if you don’t enjoy your job no amount of money will keep you happy.

Fashion Design Software Basics

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In the days past fashion designers had to manually draw, create, sew, and engineer multiple examples of a certain finished product in order to make the design work for the potential buyers. In today’s world, all of these things, once the mundane parts of the fashion designers world, are now handled by fashion design software.

What Is Fashion Design Software?

Fashion design software is computer aided design, or CAD, software. Other industries which have been using CAD software for decades are Architects and Engineers. A good piece of fashion design software can help create professional looking designs. This type of software comes in various applications. The many uses of this software include designing fabrics, garments and fashion accessories; you can also do digitizing, pattern engineering, grading, marking, 3D imaging and other applications. With fashion changing constantly, fashion designers find that software is adding new features and improved versions of software each year.

What Can Fashion Design Software Do?

While fashion design software will not take the place of good ideas or creativity, it can greatly assist and speed up the process thereby allowing more work to be done. The best varieties of fashion design software allow the user to play around with colors, cuts, and fabrics on the computer. This saves the designer from having to purchase all the material for a design only to later discover it doesn’t work. Fashion design software also allows more creativity in experimenting with different combinations without spending too much in time, energy, and money.

The Use Of Software In The Fashion Design Studio.

Fashion design software is a great tool for the studio in that it allows designers to not only create 2D and 3D renderings of ideas, but also allows them to print, upload, and share the design progress with others via email. Some fashion design software allows the designer to try different colors and cuts; this type of software usually has a database with fabrics, textures, patterns, and prints available. Smaller studios which are collaborating with others can share their work quickly and efficiently thereby giving them the ability to make quick changes to any designs.

While there are many varieties of fashion design software, there are also many manufacturers of fashion design software. The designer or studio will have to create a list of what they want from the software and then find suitable vendors and tools. Most makers of fashion design software can be found on the internet. The amount you can spend for this software will more than pay for itself over a year’s time and work.

Fashion Latest Trend: Keeping Up and Looking Good

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Keeping up with the latest fashion craze is the goal of many women today. However, in the process of trying to look up to date, many become a slave to the fashion latest trend. This doesn’t work well for a number of reasons. First, today’s latest fashion trend may not be the most flattering style for your body shape or coloring. If you are uncomfortable wearing an item of clothing, it is not going to look right no matter what the style magazines may tell you. Finally, keeping up with every fashion latest trend can be expensive. If you love the latest styles but are unsure of how to wear them properly, read on for the best tips a trendsetter will ever need.

Know your Body Type
Are you an apple or a pear? Perhaps an hourglass is the best way to describe your figure. No matter what your body type may be, you can find a fashion latest trend that will flatter your figure and look great on you. The key is to choose clothing pieces around your own personal shape instead of simply what is stylish on the racks. If you don’t look good in flared pants, go with a narrower boot cut or straight leg instead. If low cut camisoles and tank tops make you uncomfortable, find similar styles with higher necks or wear a camisole underneath for more coverage. When you feel good about what you are wearing, your clothes are guaranteed to look better on you.

Buy to Coordinate
You may love that adorable baby doll tee on the rack, but what happens when you get that fashion latest trend home? You may not have any bottoms in your closet that will coordinate with the color and style, so the top goes unworn in the back of a drawer. If you are planning to dabble in a new fashion style, you will want to make sure the separates you purchase will have something to match up to. That’s why it is generally wise to purchase outfits together, to ensure that you will always have coordinated clothing in the fashion latest trend. It may seem like more of an expense to purchase a complete ensemble, but how much did you spend on that baby doll tee collecting dust in your dresser?

Most women love to dress in the fashion latest trend on occasion or every day. No matter how much shopping you do and how often you keep up on the latest fads, you can choose clothing that will fit you well and flatter you the best. Keep your body shape in mind and purchase the latest fashion trend in a complete outfit to ensure the pieces look good together. With these simple tips in mind, you are sure to step out of your house every day looking your best in the fashion latest trend.