Getting Into The Fashion Design Studio

May 8, 2022 by  
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While there are many creative designers in the world, there are even more wanting to work in a fashion design studio. The one huge dream for many is to build their own fashion design studio and make a name for themselves. The best way to get your designs into the fashion industry is by working your way up from the bottom of one fashion design studio and continuing to move up along your career through different studios. But the question that all beginners ask is “How do I get into my first studio job?”

How To Get Into A Studio

One of the first things any young designer will want to do is get themselves a degree from a fashion design college. Working at a fashion design studio requires a degree of some kind in fashion design. This will show that you have at least done the book work. By the time you are about to leave your studies you should already have an idea of what kind of fashion design studio you want to work for and where they are. Along the way, especially during your last year in school, you should get yourself into an internship at any fashion design studio that offers one.

The Internship

Internships in the fashion industry are like any other type of internship in any other type of career. You will be the one who is at the fashion design studio to learn; this will mean cutting the fabric, getting the mail, cleaning up, assisting the designers and any other tasks assigned to interns. The goal here is to get to know the workings inside a fashion design studio. Here is where you find out if you are indeed ready to work in the fast paced industry of fashion design.

The First Job

Once you have received your diploma, and had a run through the internship of a fashion design studio, you might get lucky and be offered a starting position within the fashion design studio you are at. If not, don’t worry, any other fashion design studio will like the fact that you took the time to see what goes on inside the walls of a fashion design studio. This is where any recommendations or references from the internship come in handy. Once you land your first paid job at your first fashion design studio, it is much easier to get a step in at another fashion design studio later on.