Learning How To Fashion Design Clothing

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If you have ever thought of becoming the next Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren you need to start with basic fashion design clothing. Fashion design clothing and other accessories are created with artistic expression and skillful implementation. For the most part people that are considered true fashion design clothing manufacturers are self employed and work for individual clients. All of the greats got their start that way and have worked themselves up into markets with mass appeal.

History Of Fashion Design Clothing

Before you start your career you should begin with a strong background of knowledge about fashion design clothing. The godfather of fashion design is on Charles Frederick Worth. He started as a humble draper but eventually established a fashion house in Paris. The thing that separated Worth from the simple seamstresses who came before him was that instead of his clients dictating to him what they wanted, he would dictate to them what to wear. The word couturier was created in order to best describe him. Also during this time sketch artists were hired to diagram the dresses and clothes so that the clients could pick and choose which garments they liked. This was far less costly than having to make the garments each individually and risk the client not liking it.

This trend continued to grow and expand throughout France and Europe. London was the next destination for high fashion and magazines began cropping up detailing the prevailing style. Department stores would send people to the Paris shows where they could purchase garments to copy and sell in their stores. Still at this time fashioned had not advanced to the two distinct styles of haute couture and ready to wear. For the most part the fashion design clothing manufacturer performed both duties as the need arose. It was not until after World War Two that these roles became sharply split.

Culture began to see two sides in the clothing industry, clothes for the everyday person then the high fashion of the runway. Most designers began to specifically design for one of the other with very little co mingling of the styles. Today it is much different as many couture items now find there way into department stores across the world.

As you can see the role of the designer has changed since Worth’s day, but for the most part the ideals of job remain the same. If you think that you have these same ideals then perhaps a career in design is something for you.

The Decent Style in Fashion

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Online Fashion Can Give You A Lot Of Great Ideas

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If you want to learn about fashion, you should try to look up some online fashion. Fashion clothes online will give you a lot of great ideas so that you can come up with your own style of clothing to wear to really wow heads. Fashion is hard to grasp for a lot of people. What’s in style today may not be in style tomorrow, for example. And if you watch fashion shows you may end up wondering who on Earth wears some of that stuff. You’re not alone. Fashion is hard to grasp and it’s really all about what works for you. But you can get great ideas by looking at online fashion as that’s where you can browse many different online stores with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Where To Look

When it comes to online fashion, all you have to do is use your favorite search engine and then search according to what you’re looking for. For example, if you’re a man in search of online fashion for the summer, simply type in men’s wear for the summer. You’ll likely come up with many bathing suits as well as fashionable clothes you can wear in the summer time to the club or for a date night. However, if you have no idea what you’re looking for, you can’t go wrong by just perusing online fashion via various sites. You’ll likely see something you think is cool. The thing with fashion though is that it’s hard to determine if something will look good on you until you try it on.

The Cons Of Shopping Online

Perusing online fashion is one thing but buying online fashion is something else entirely. You really don’t know what that piece of clothing is going to look like on you. You don’t know if it’s going to accentuate your figure, or if the color will complement your skin tone and you have no idea if it’s going to fit at all. That’s why it’s best to look for online fashion for ideas but it might be better to actually buy from a store where you can try the various items on so that you know they work for you. Of course, if you know your size and you’re very fashion savvy, you may be able to shop online and find the perfect set of clothes. For most people, however, they have no idea what looks good until they actually put it on their bodies.

How Do You Know If It Works?

When a piece of clothing or an outfit works for you, you’ll likely get many compliments on it. People will notice what you’re wearing and they’ll tell you so. If nobody says anything, however, that doesn’t mean the wardrobe looks bad on you, some people just aren’t vocal with their compliments. You don’t have to hear compliments to have something work for you though. It’s all about your own sense of style and your confidence as to what online fashion styles will work for you.

Great Fashion Is All About What Works For You

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When you see someone wearing clothes that really work for them, you might say they have a great fashion sense. However, those same clothes may not work for someone else. Being fashion conscious is very relative. To find your own fashion sense, you should try different styles and definitely get some opinions from others that you care about. However, most of the time people choose their fashion depending on what they like and they don’t care about what anyone else thinks. Just try different styles out and soon you’ll find a sense of fashion that truly defines you.

Goth And Emo

There is a trend going on nowadays that is popular with the kids and teenagers. This is called Goth or Emo. Emo stands for emotional and it represents teen angst, non-conformity and it is characterized by all black clothes, torn fishnet stockings, black hair and makeup. Even the guys who are dressed in Goth or Emo wear makeup. This is one style you can try but if you’re not into Emo music or you don’t feel any pain or angst, you might want to try a style that’s a little less dramatic and a little more upbeat.


Then there is the fashion that is known as preppy. This is the clean cut look that is popular with a lot of college age kids and some adults. This fashion style tells others that you care about your appearance and that you are meticulous with your clothes. The clothing is usually pressed, very neat and always clean.

Go Wild

The above examples are two extremes when it comes to fashion. You can try a mixture of the two or you can go completely wild and just try to come up with a fashion sense that’s all your own. Sometimes, a person will try a certain fashion by just choosing a few different styles and putting them together and it totally works for them. If you’re clueless about fashion and you’d like to come up with a style that works for you, try looking online. There are many online fashion websites that will give you tricks, tips and ideas that you can piece together to come up with your own original identity. When you find it, you’ll get a lot of compliments and that’s when you know you’ve chosen a good style for you. Or, you could not care what anyone thinks and just go for what you like; which is what many people do and it seems to work for them.

I Need To Get Teen Fashion Clothing – HELP!

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If you are looking for teen fashion clothing but not having any luck then this article is here to help. The mistake that most parents make when trying teen fashion clothing is that they do not realize what their kids truly want. The unfortunate thing is more than likely your kids have no idea what they want either. You try to find fashion design clothing that makes sense, but you really have no idea whether or not your teen will like it. Buying teen fashion clothing can be one of the most complicated and frustrating things you can do, but it does not have to be.

How To Get Teen Fashion Clothing That Makes Sense And Is Easy

The first thing I would stay completely away from, and you may find this surprising, is getting actual teen fashion clothing. Instead I would focus on fashionable accessories like purses, watches, shoes and the like. You child is much more likely to appreciate a small accessory then a full outfit. Plus accessories are easy to exchange. One item of teen fashion clothing that I found has worked well for me are Zavier handbags. The best thing about a fashion handbag is that it can really represent a sense of style for the girl you give it to.

This handbag can be an extension of your daughter’s personality. A bright colorful handbag can show a cheerful and outgoing side, whereas a bold design can show strength and maturity. The best bet would be to go out and shop for this high fashion clothing with your daughter so that you can be sure that she gets what she wants.

This brings me to the next option you have for making your child happy. You could get her a gift card to a high fashion store and go to pick out the clothes with her. This can be a great experience for you and your daughter, a true bonding experience. By letting her take the lead and pick the clothes she wants you are helping her to grow up and move into becoming a grown woman.

As you can see getting clothes for your teen age daughter is complicated. My two suggestions for making this experience easy and fun are to one – get your daughter something that she can use in multiple outfits that is not just one single thing. Two – take her with you to do the shopping so you can share in the fun.

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