The Three Areas Of Kids Fashion Design

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Kids fashion design is becoming more and more popular of a field to get into within the fashion design industry. Many new names in designer clothes are popping up in stores such as Target and Walmart. It is also getting to be a more complex field with each passing year and season. Being a fashion designer in the kids fashion design category gives you three main areas to concentrate on; but by no means does that limit the creativity needed and the knowledge of what kids wear out of the picture. It’s not just the parents picking the clothes anymore. And to some extent, the kids are also doing the designing now as well.

The Baby Sizes

This is where a lot of kids fashion design seems to be. Most designers love to create cute and adorable outfits that babies and toddlers can be dressed up in. These range from simple dress outfits to casual wear to mini suits and wedding outfits. Today’s little ones want to step out of baby wear though, and be more like mommy and daddy ever before. Gone are the flashy bright outfits of the 80’s and 90’s. It also appears that trendy kids fashion design isn’t just for the pricey labels any longer since every parent wants to hear compliments on how well they can dress their little angels.

The Little Kid and Tweens

Many parents seem to feel as if this area is being neglected by designers of kids fashion design simply because there is nothing available that suits both the developing taste of the child, and the willingness of the adult. Recently some designers have started to work in this area seeing that there may be a market for them to grow in. Another group filling the gap are some kids themselves who design their own clothing and are practicing to become future fashion designers.

The Teens

This group seems easier for kids fashion design, although the older teens are already headed towards the adult designs and labels. The problem arises that many younger teens want to look as sophisticated as the adults, using adult fashion design. When you are a kids fashion design label, this can get very hard to accomplish. Add to this the fact that many teens are gawking over the models in the magazines and on the runway and thinking they could be just like that. Many teens have also taken up fashion design since they are not liking what they see in the stores or magazines. This is a group wanting to express everything about themselves they possibly can and if kids fashion design doesn’t have it, they will make it on their own.


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